Haac excels by the strong training and consulting capabilities. In the past years since establishment, Haac strived to integrate new elements into the training programs such as adventure based counseling, experiential learning, behavioral profiling tools (MBTI, DiSC), team profiling tools (C.A.R.E.), or even African drumming which complement each other for the best results. Our strong client portfolio of more than 200 corporations and organizations from all around the globe has proven our success and over 70% are repeated clients whom we serve to develop long-term human capital development solutions.

We are serious about human capital development but we believe more fun makes more participation and leads to better results. Building on our extensive experience and constructive feedback from our clients for nearly a decade, Haac has developed a number of signature programs with diversified themes to inspire participants when they are having fun. Apart from our signature programs, our consultants can also tailor training programs to meet specific objectives. Talk to Haac. We can always find the way to unleash your teams' potential. The following shows what ingredients we will use to complement each other to deliver effective training solutions:
No matter in what stage of development your organization is, training is an essential element to excellence. Haac believes every person has untapped potential and we are committed to find the best way to unleash it.

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