No matter what potential you have, or how seemingly impossible to unleash it, we definitely can get you through with our experiences and knowledge:


Nearly a decade experience in providing human capital development solutions. Our well-developed signature programs, “Best Show”, “Magic Journey”, “Flying High”, etc., use a wide range of mediums, such as African Drumming, Video Taking, Mind Mapping, Ropes Courses and various action-based activities, to best achieve training objectives.

Strong expertise in adventure facilities construction and we are the first contractor to adopt worldwide recognized ACCT Standards on adventure architecture in HK. We also have sound experiences in handling large sum projects and the largest ropes course training venue in Hong Kong (located in PLK Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp) was built by Haac.


Fully-fledged human capital development solutions, ranging from training facilities construction to soft skills training, targeting kids, youth and adults.

Native English, Dutch, Cantonese and Potunghua speaking trainers with mixed nationalities from The US, China, The Netherlands and Africa who treasure cultural diversities. Trainers are professionally qualified for their specialized areas, e.g. DiSC, MBTI, ACCT, etc.
Haac's training programs are delivered across Asia, e.g. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hainan, Macau, Cebu, Bangkok, Sabah, etc.
Comprehensive logistic planning and support to ensure effective and smooth running of training programs to achieve the best result, such as strong alliance with hotels and other training venues in Hong Kong, Macau and the Mainland.

Delivered training to more than 40,000 participants across Asia in the past 8 years.


Served a strong clientele comprised of over 200 multinational corporations and well-established corporations in Hong Kong and the Mainland.



70% of our clients are repeat customers. This signifies our persistent high quality services.

Contracted in 2005 to construct the largest ropes course training site in Hong Kong, PLK Jockey Club Tai Tong Holiday Camp, with a total contract sum exceeding 0.4 million US dollars.

Successfully established our 100%-owned satellite training site in Haikou, Hainan in 2002, providing a full range of training services to clients in the Mainland.

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