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African Drumming academy is the prime organization cooperated with The International Centre for African Music and dance (ICAMD) and African professor to promote African culture in Hong Kong. With professional course design and systematic education, students can enjoy the firsthand experience of the unique rhythms in a festive learning environment.


ICAMD was established at the University of Ghana in the 1992-93 academic years, supporting scholars, students and also artists through providing them various kinds of sources and inspiration in African music and dance aspects. With the strong support from the ICAMD and an African Professor as our chief advisor, we are able to develop African Drumming course for participants of all ages in a qualified and well-organized way in turn to ensure the supremacy of learning.


To introduce you to African music and culture with an activity-based environment of African songs and games. Participants are encouraged to express their feelings by their drumming skills during learning. In this fun and joy atmosphere, Djembe Course aims at not only nurturing their musical sense, but also creativity, eye-hand coordination, self-expression and learning initiatives.


Participants with good performance will be invited by the Academy for various performance and an annual celebration show in summer.

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