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Summer Celebration!!

Date: 27/8/2006 (Sunday)
Venue: Metropolis Mall, Hung Hom
Time: 2-4pm
The event is designed as a reward to our drumming kids and delivered in every summer. It aims at not only giving an ideal performance opportunity to kids to show off with their learning result, but also, a channel to exchange and share experience among parents and kids. Hope you will have fun and enjoy this great moment with us!!

Event On That Day


Welcome to our SuperKid Big Family!!!
Good news to all of you that there are numerous of new members in the summer!!!
What an exceptionally grand occasion!
Let’s celebrate the rapid growth of SuperKid family by Fire Fiesta-----a gathering suitable for whole family to join!
You can
Dress like an African
Play African drum with real African
Learn African song and dance
Make ethnic handicrafts as souvenir
Have buffet dinner around lakeside
Enjoy festive bonfire………………….
Wow………………Want to know more details?

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